A Single Pebble

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by nonniepazonnie on April 25, 2004

The first time I went to A Single Pebble, I was reluctant. I was working with a film crew from NYC on a three-day shoot. We were all tired, but the local guy who was responsible for seeing that everyone got fed insisted that we all go out to this place. He gushed absolutely about this place and said it was not to be missed. The reservation was made more than a week in advance as it was so widely popular it was hard to get seated. These were some seasoned diners used to NYC restaurants and we were blown away at how terrific our meal was. We just kept eating and eating in amazement. After I went I told everyone I knew to go. It's been more than a year and I've finally gotten back to A Single Pebble in VT.

To say that it is a Chinese restaurant isn't really fair because this is not shiny, black sauces on tired meat. This is elegantly prepared gourmet food that happens to be Chinese. They say this is absolutely authentic, of a quality, that can't be found anywhere outside of China (or Chinatown).

Head Chef Steve Bogart studied in China and is committed to authenticity of his craft. In 1986 he served as the food guide for a group of American Culinary Federation chefs and in 1994, as a guest of the Chinese government. He is widely celebrated and recognized locally, nationally, and internationally. His fans insist he studied with the best chefs in China. To this day, he still studies the language everyday. He imports his ingredients from NYC Chinatown daily.

The menu is separated into small, medium, and large dishes. You order from each size dish, but it is not a strict three-course meal because each dish is individually prepared to order and brought immediately to your table. There is a large red lazy susan in the center of the table that allows you to easily share foods.

This is a restaurant that comfortable integrates vegetarian and meat dishes. Both times I dined with vegetarians and we all were able to share these exotic, tasty, dishes, which are superb with or without meat. Consider hot and sour soup, Napa cabbage, dry fired green beans, mock eel, and Buddha's sesame beef.

But do go. Check out Church Street Marketplace while you are there.
A Single Pebble
133-35 Bank Street
Burlington, Vermont, 05401
(802) 865-5200


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