Lorenzillo's - the Live Lobster House

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by thestickman23 on April 19, 2004

Lorenzillo's-the Live Lobster House is located next to the Plantation House Restaurant and almost across the way from the Hyatt Hotel. The Lobster House is situated on a lagoon under a palapa roof. A long dock leads the way to the main dining area. Lorenzillo's, as you can obviously see is a seafood first restaurant, with a flair for lobster. The showcase at Lorenzillo's is choosing your dinner from the large lobster tank located near the hostess stand. It is worth a peek, even if lobster is not on your mind.

The staff at Lorenzillo's is friendly and accommodating. The waiters are always checking to see if you need a refill, or they are making sure your food is to your liking.

If you can, request a table by on the deck outside. Located on the railing of the dock, next to your table, is a festive conch shell, which holds pieces of stale bread. This is "fish food." Throw the "fish food" over the rail and watch the fish down below go into a frenzy. This is a fun way to pass time between courses. But enough with the nonsense, lets get down to business.

The menu at Lorenzillo’s is quite extensive, with almost any kind of seafood you can think of. For people who choose to pass on seafood, don't fret, there are a couple of pastas to choose from, along with meats and poultry.

For starters my wife chose the shrimp cocktail. The five or six extra large shrimp were served on a half pineapple. The center of the pineapple was scooped out for the tangy cocktail sauce. I chose the stuffed blue claw crab. This was stuffed with crabmeat, breadcrumbs, peppers, and olives. Very tasty. Hot bread and breadsticks were also served before dinner.

The pricing of the Lobsters are set at the market value per pound. This evening the price was $28 per pound. I personally prefer Maine lobster over Caribbean lobster because of the extra claw meat. Instead my wife and I chose to order the nine-ounce lobster tails. A small pasta and vegetables were served with our lobster tails. Also served was melted butter and melted garlic butter. Which, by the way, was great. The portion of lobster was the perfect size. You also had the option of ordering the 19-ounce tail.

Lorenzillo’s is a perfect family restaurant and a great casual night out. The seafood is "out of the water" fresh and the staff is wonderful.

Blvd. Kukulkán
Cancun, Mexico


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