Chez Clement

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by bobthequiz on June 1, 2004

Chez Clement is a chain of about twelve restaurants around Paris; this one is about a quarter mile from the Arc de Triomphe.

We spotted this place on our first night, with huge trays of fresh oysters being shucked in view of the street. We arrived for dinner on our second night and, while we hadn't made a reservation, they found space for us (at 9pm on a warm Saturday evening).

The decor is homely, if bizarre, with picture frames lines with spoons and copper saucepans as lampshades.

My wife had a wonderful dish of scallops with Chorizo sausage on a bed of saffron rice, while I went for one of the 'assiettes' - a mixed platter of seafood. I order the 2nd size, 'the explorer' and was stunned when it arrived: 6 medium oysters, 6 large oysters, 6 mussels and 6 medium sized scallops - all served raw on the shell. A couple of king prawns (what Americans would call Shrimp), a small plate of European shrimp (less than an inch in size, with shells), a small plate of beautifully cooked whelks, a small plate of periwinkles and, to top it all, half a cooked crab! Phew!

Chez Clement
47, Ave de Wagram
Paris, France
01 53 81 97 00

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