Hostaria Romana Ristorante

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by jaebirdypie on June 30, 2004

Looking at Hostaria Romana Ristorante from the outside, no one would ever guess that behind its small façade lies a gourmand’s paradise. The upstairs, or what visitors can see from the street, has a casual, offbeat, diner-like quality to it. Patrons can load up their plates at the very inexpensive antipasti bar or have a more relaxed meal in one of the booths. For an especially unforgettable dining experience, have a full-course meal on the lower dining level. Here, the fun-loving gang of waiters and chefs serve, banter and joke with their patrons making everyone feel like family. The mood is friendly, the sentiments are warm and everyone gets to share in great conversation. Some even leave with a few new friends!

As to the food, well, it’s just heavenly! It was here that we experienced the most exquisite dishes of Pasta Carbona, seared prawns, antipasti and homemade ravioli ever created. Although it was humanly impossible to consume any more, we practically shed a few tears when our food was finished. And desserts? Let’s just say that the lemon cake could be considered an aphrodisiac!

As if the experience of dining here weren’t enough, patrons also have the opportunity to leave their mark in the eternal city. Before bidding their customers farewell, the waiters present them with a small box of crayons and invite them to sign and doodle on the walls. Students, athletes, politicians, celebrities and tourists from all around the world have been signing away for so many years that it’s now begun on the ceilings! I managed to find a small spot just large enough to write a simple heartfelt sentiment: Che un pranzo meraviglioso! The restaurant is open everyday except for Sunday and reservations are usually not necessary.

Hostaria Romana Ristorante
Via del Boccaccio 1
Rome, Italy
+39 (06) 4745284

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