King Falafel

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by linet on March 18, 2004

Unfortunately, I always forget to ask the address of this place, but once you are in the centrum, on the main shopping street you will run into it. It is not possible to miss big cheerful and yellow boards explaining 'What is Falafel?' in many languages.

Falafel is really not Dutch but this place is really good healty food. The giant salad bar is at your service for 3.25; I have already tested their patience, so feel free to fill it up. If you have had enough of slow Dutch restaurants which cost a fortune and a vegetarian suffering from the Chinese torture, here is the opportunity for survival. I will ask for the address next time, I promise.

King Falafel
Vlamingstraat 37, Gravenhage
The Hague, Netherlands
070 4275861

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