The Shrimp House

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by bebebloom on February 19, 2004

Cabo San Lucas abounds with many places to eat -- from taco stands to elegant gourmet dining. But if fresh crustaceans are what you crave for, there was no other place but The Shrimp House Restaurant. It specializes in shrimps served either hot or cold boiled in purified water and accompanied with three dipping bowls of simple sauces; cocktail sauce, melted garlic butter and hot spicy Mexican with slices of limón – a local version of a crossed lemon and lime. For a seafood lover such as myself, all I wanted was shrimps and I was indulged with a plateful of delicious plump ones, peel and eat the size of small lobsters. Wow what could be better. Shrimps here were scrumptiously succulent and could not be fresher, catch of the day by trawling commercial fishermen in the medium deep waters of the Sea of Cortez and along the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Although, the menu was limited; choices include half kilo to one kilo of shrimp and lobster prepared in a variety of styles and combinations. Prices is very reasonable and serving generous -- range from US$8.85 for an order of five jumbo shrimp, $12.95 for a combination of 1/4-kilo lobster tail with 1/4 kilo of medium shrimp, to $33.30 for a kilo (figure around two lbs.) of jumbo sized shrimp. The most popular combination was the 1/4-kilo lobster tail and three jumbo breaded shrimps for $12.95. No salads, no desserts. This was not a place for either carnivores or for sweet tooth. Beverages covers a wider selection; soft drinks, Mexican beers, one brand of red house wine, one brand of white house wine, margaritas, piña coladas, lime and strawberry daiquiris, tequila 1800, Special Canadian Club, and (watch out!) the Bulldog (the house drink). The margaritas were served in huge glasses, inexpensive and were too tasty and delicious to only have one.

The Shrimp House had a nice tropical casual ambience, colorful decor with wood tables and comfortable padded wood chairs; the air conditioning was perfect to balance the very humid air out on the street. The staff was nice and attentive. When we were having lunch, we were assaulted with a timeshare offer by someone who obviously had connections with the restaurant; he was pleasant, but somewhat pushy, with an offer that was very difficult to decline. However, we were too seasoned to be convinced.

The restaurant was easy to find located in the center of town at the Blvd. Madero across from Plaza del Sol and Baskin and Robbins. For perfect shrimp and lobster at non-tourist prices, good service and no desserts, you can’t beat The Shrimp House Restaurant.
The Shrimp House
Blvd Marina
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 23410
+52 114 3 1147

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