The Cube

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Foxboro Marmot on December 10, 2003

The Cube is a group of what appear to be independent shops and restaurants in Kyoto Station. Oddly enough, they aren't in a square or cube structure and they don't even adjoin. Most of the restaurants are on the 11th floor, while the shops are on the first and second basement floors!

There are a lot of small restaurants to choose from including: Edogawa, the eel specialist; Ninnikuya-Goemon, garlic flavored dishes; Ugetsuchaya, traditional Japanese; Viva-Viva, pasta and pizza; Hamamura, Chinese; Tagoto, tempura and sushi with soba.

We tried Kyoto-Sanjyo Katsukura, specializing in tonkatsu (pork cutlets). Basic dishes start with thick, heavily breaded deep fried pork slices with miso soup, boiled rice and a bottomless dish of shredded cabbage - all the shredded cabbage you could eat! Different 'set dinners' added such options as bigger cutlets, more cutlets, cutlets wrapped around cheese, fried prawns, steamed egg custard and green pickled celery. The menu, while not in English, had pictures of meals so you can either order in Japanese or, as we called it, simply "point and click" when the waiter arrives.

Set dinners cost from 930 yen to 1850 yen or about $9 to $18. And remember, that comes with free refills on the shredded cabbage!

The Cube
JR Kyoto Station
Kyoto, Japan

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