Hard Rock Cafe

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by KerrBerr on December 26, 2003

Let me start by explaining the situation. I had a rough overnight flight to Rome, which landed 1/2 hour early at 6:30 am, before anything in the airport was open and we couldn’t figure out where to meet our transfer to the hotel. We were hounded by taxi drivers who didn't speak English, which made me realize how terrible my Italian was. Once we finally found our ride and survived the erratic Italian driving to our hotel, we couldn't check in for 4 hours. We didn't know where to go or what to do at that time. Once we were allowed into our room, we both fell asleep until evening, when we woke up famished. We remembered driving past the Hard Rock Café and thought we could find it again. We weren’t interested in local cuisine or experiences at that time. We wanted food and we knew would be good in an atmosphere where we were comfortable. We also had a list of souvenirs to buy at HRC.

We followed the American music to HRC, put our name in, and enjoyed our traditional American experience as our first dinner in Rome. I got my signature Hurricane (my favorite drink I must have every visit to HRC) in a souvenir glass. We split the spring rolls appetizer and fajitas, which are always very good.

All in all, the evening turned out exactly as I had hoped. There were lots of English-speaking tourists mixed with some locals – everyone having a good time listening to loud music and enjoying the standard HRC fare at the standard HRC prices. I always know what to expect at Hard Rock. We had what seemed a rough welcome to Italy, but we had a wonderful evening, went back to the hotel, and slept until morning.
Hard Rock Cafe
Via Vittorio Veneto 62 A/B
Rome, Italy
3 (906) 420-3051


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