La Habichuela

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by EPass on November 4, 2003

If there is any place you HAVE to eat, it's here. This restaurant will astound you with the food preparation, taste, presentation, professionalism, courtesy, elegance, and service. Sounds pricey? Think again. On average compared to a lot of our homeland restaurants, it will bring a desire to see at our typical spots. In Mexico the price does range on an "average" pricing scale, but because of our dollar value, it brings more of a smile to your face. In the three years that my wife and I have gone, it only gets better in La Habichuela. I couldn't give up passing my favorite dish, "Cocobichuela", which is a coconut cut open on top then filled with rice, beans, avocado, lobster, shrimp, and other fine seafood in coconut water all cramped in there. And yes, you eat right from the coconut!

My wife's favorite is lobster tail with jumbo shrimp. They offer different cooking preparations for your lobster, either steamed or grilled. The jumbo shrimps makes our jumbo shrimps look like baby shrimps. Think I'm kidding? Try two to three inches in length!!! HUGE!

But just the way they prepare the food is amazing, with just the right flavor and condiments!

If you're in the mood for cold soup, try the avocado soup--you'd wish the plate was bigger!

If I continue about this place, I'm going to run out of space. La Habichuela is a keeper. It will have you coming back!

La Habichuela
Margaritas 25
Cancun, Mexico
01 998 884 3158

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