Best French Dining Experience: Daniel

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ext212 on January 28, 2004

Daniel is one of Daniel Boulud's New York City restaurants and has been rated by Michelin and The New York Times with four stars more than once. It's that kind of restaurant with those kind of people, so my boyfriend and I needed a big event to celebrate for us to have an excuse to eat here. We're not getting married anytime soon so the best we can do is to celebrate finishing my boyfriend's first year of med school.

A few weeks before, I had spoken to chef Alex Lee when he was interviewed for an online magazine, generationrice. We talked about his becoming-a-chef story and his history with Daniel Boulud. We were also given a tour of the Daniel kitchen that counts as one of my most amazing experiences in New York City. He let us in before dinner time and we saw the production kitchen, the coffee kitchen, the French and the American kitchens, plus the dessert room where we tasted chocolates made in-house from layers and layers of trays in the fridge.

Of course, all that only added to the real dining experience. We returned a few weeks later for dinner and Alex Lee did not forget us. Our waiter kept serving us different dishes from the head chef himself even though we'd already ordered our appetizers and main dishes. Wine was brought out to match each course and in between meals, there were cheeses, chocolates and soups.

We were just delirious with the whole experience and when the bill came out THREE hours later, we could have detached our arms and legs to pay for it (or promised our future children to sell) but then read the note that said, "70% complimentary" on it.

You see? It's all about WHO you know!
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