Gillian's Restaurant

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Ellum Enopee on November 8, 2003

It doesn’t get much homier than Gillian’s, where lace half-curtains float in the windows and "home made Vermont breakfast" is served until noon. Wood slatted booths create cozy dining nooks, while brown and white checked tablecloths and stencils on the walls leave little doubt that you’re in a friendly, family kind of place.

We tried reading through the menu, but could barely keep our attention on the brunch items listed there. Beyond our table was the dessert display case-–full of home made treats like apple pie, mixed berry streusel, and muffins in every size and shape. We promised each other not to order too much, so we’d have room for dessert.

This turned out to be a broken promise. We stuffed our faces with creative breakfast items like the "All Scrambled Up", which comes in three styles: Zorba the Greek, South of the Border, and South of France. Only the South of France version comes with Vermont cheddar cheese though! Fluffy buttermilk pancakes came topped with Vermont Maple Syrup. We entertained ourselves between bites by reading off the supply of Trivial Pursuit cards located in a box on each table. I was delighted to learn that Anne Murray’s "You Needed Me" was Ron and Nancy Reagan’s favorite song!

A few off-notes made this culinary symphony less than a magnum opus. Our waiter was borderline rude when he pointed out that Gillian’s is pronounced with a soft G (like Jillian), and the table behind us-– ull of teachers from a local grade school--started out amusing, but eventually grew annoying, as their impromptu teacher’s conference slash gripe fest got increasingly louder.

These minor inconveniences were soon forgotten, as we turned our eyes back to the dessert case. We couldn’t resist dessert despite our jumbo-sized entrees. We split an apricot bar and a chocolate brownie tart. The tart wasn’t bad, but the apricot bar was to die for! It had a flaky crust and a rich complex flavor that I suspect contained some sort of liquor. Delicious.

Gillian's Restaurant
97 Falls Road
Burlington, Vermont, 05482
(802) 985-2830

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