Bar Le Bozo

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Invicta73 on September 9, 2003

In my opinion, taking breaks from sightseeing and suchlike for a while in a nice spot usually enhances the enjoyment of any particular destination. By Malian standards at least, Mopti has quite a lot of places to choose from, mainly because it receives a relatively large number of visitors. Probably the best known is Bar Le Bozo, which I feel is a great place in which to people watch, eat or get some liquid refreshment.

Despite taking its name from the local tribe of fishermen, a Senegalese family actually own and run the establishment. In terms of d├ęcor, the open air but covered building is fairly basic, although by no means unpleasant. Meanwhile, the service makes up for general lack of speed with a relaxed and good-humoured demeanour.

The bar is open from early morning until late evening, and the usual selection of drinks, including beer, is on offer throughout the day, whilst food is available at breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. On paper, the menu is fairly typical of the region, featuring simple European style fare, such as croissants, bowls of soup and plates of spaghetti with simple sauce, but the quality is better than normal, and the very reasonably priced dishes are for the most part tasty and wholesome.

However, the main attraction has to be the wonderful position overlooking the busy port and the river. In addition to being the perfect vantage point for observing the colourful activity of the harbour, it is an excellent location from which to enjoy the sunset.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of drawbacks. For example, certain items are occasionally unavailable due to shortages, although to be fair, that is not exactly too unusual anywhere in the country. In addition, the presence of tourists attracts people trying to sell handicrafts or excursions, who can sometimes be a nuisance. Meanwhile, the waterside setting means that there are often numerous and persistent mosquitoes, which are frequently a much bigger annoyance.

Bar Le Bozo
Mopti Harbour
Mopti, Mali
(223) 430-246

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