Chinatown Eating

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Sweet Willie on September 7, 2003

As we exit from the Place D’Armes Metro stop, the wafting smells of Chinatown reached our noses. From all I’ve read, the Asian restaurants are not supposed to be worth a darn in Montreal but w/the delicious smells, it was clear we were not going to Old Montreal for dinner. Chinatown here we come.

We window shopped various menus, but one stood out to us, Jardin. Our delicious dining experience led me to believe that perhaps the Montreal focus is on French inspired food maybe a bit too much.

After dinner we continued to stroll down Chinatown looking for what I assumed would be the ubiquitous tourist post card shop, but there were none that I saw. We did have a delicious little snack called Dragon’s Beard candy. There was an open storefront window where they were being made and sold. Dragon’s Beard candy is spun sugar (the beard) folded around a chewy center of peanuts, sesame seeds and other nuts. Quite delicious.

I noticed a few Vietnamese places that had predominantly Asian diners in it; the Asian food in Montreal can’t be that bad could/can it?

Chinatown/Le Quartier Chinois de Montreal
Area of De la Gauchetiere Street
Montreal, Quebec, H2Z 1E9

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