Hard Rock Cafe

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by slabeaume on August 1, 2003

Yes, we were in Rome and ate at Hard Rock Cafe. But I was really craving beef! Seems like Europeans tend to eat mostly pasta and chicken. That's fine for a while, but there comes a time when you gotta have beef. So I got the classic hamburger and fries. It was great. My daughter got chicken -- seems Europe has turned her against beef.

This was pretty much like any other Hard Rock Cafe I've been in---decorated in rock and roll memorabilia. It was somewhat smaller than the Hard Rock Cafe’s I've been in around the USA. But the menu was basically the same--quite varied and good: the usual starters of nachos, chicken wings, potato skins, onion rings, various salads, etc; then the large variety of sub sandwiches and burger; for dinner, various steaks, chicken, fajitas, or sea food; and if you still have room, desserts of cheesecakes, sundaes, pies, cakes, shakes, etc. Plus they have a full bar with mixed drinks, beers, wines, shooters, as well as soft drinks and ice tea. We got sodas and I liked that we got free refills -- and they came with ice! Most places in Europe just give you a can of soda and a cold glass. I didn't realize I'd miss ice so much!

I don't know if the staff was acting typical the night we were there, but they were quite entertaining to watch! They really seemed to be enjoying their job. Even when they sang "Happy Birthday" to people, they did so with a lot of gusto. Their upbeat and playful service made the dinner even more special.

The Hard Rock Cafe is about two long blocks from the Barberini subway stop (on the Red line, the stop before Spagna where the Spanish Steps are). Barberini is also the stop for the huge internet/Subway Sandwich cafe, which is a couple doors from the northern steps leading from the subway station. If you plan to catch the subway after dinner, though, be advised that the subway stops running around 11:30---much sooner than the Hard Rock Cafe closes! We didn't find that out until about 11:15, but still made it back to the subway in time.

Hard Rock Cafe
Via Vittorio Veneto 62 A/B
Rome, Italy
3 (906) 420-3051


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