Legal Sea Foods

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Emily Marie on November 26, 2003

When the first Legal Seafoods first started popping up, they were situated in the Boston/New England area. As I think about Legal, I can easily remember four loacations in the Boston area: Logan Airoprt, the Park Plaza area, and two in the Copley Place/Prudential Center mall complex.

Legal has good seafood at rather decent prices. They change their menu slightly every few months. My personal fave my last few times at Legal was the salmon burger: salmon ground up and seasoned and served on a bun like a normal burger. They seem to take pride in their clam chowder at Legal, and it's a good buy as a starter.

Most of the Legals have a somewhat rustic, fisherman's look to them--buoys, pictures of boats, and stuffed fish adorn the walls. The Legal in the Colpley mall (above the movie theater) is more of a trendy-looking bar, and I remember the prices being higher here. The menu in the bar is also different. The other Legal in the Prudential section of the mall is better in my mind, and fits into the chain's atmosphere.

Boston is a big seafood town. Legal is a convenient, affordable way to experience seafood in Beantown.

Legal Sea Foods
26 Park Plaza
Boston, Massachusetts, 02116
(617) 426-4444

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