Cactus Blue

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by fizzytom on June 12, 2003

I read recently that the Mexicans invented tequila to sabotage the economies of other countries. If that is so, then Cactus Blue could bring the entire city of London to a standstill.

You see, this place stocks over 40 kinds of sipping tequila. The idea is that instead of slamming shots you simply sip the drink and appreciate all the nuances of this potent spirit.

Cactus Blue is on two floors: at the rear of the ground floor is a conservatory area and there's a mezzanine from where you can look down on the underlit bar. What sets this place apart from others of it's ilk is that all the decor and artefacts are authentic, with beautiful richly coloured woven rugs on the walls. If you just want to try some tequilas you can grab a seat at the bar, but the food is well worth trying.

Essentially Mexican and Southwestern American, the food menu offers Creole, Cajun and Hispanic flavours. The tamales (filled maize husks) are fabulous and the tequila cured fish is not to be missed.The standard fare is there - fajitas, crusted tuna, enchilladas, but what Cactus Blue does is a little more special with exotic salsas with a twist.

Service is great and the staff are happy to explain anything on the menu or to help recommend a tequila. If you think you don't like tequila,try one here - the smooth, tangy taste of the sipping tequilas makes all the difference. My tip is try one of the sauzas . . . a heavenly way to end a fantastic meal.

Cactus Blue
86 Fulham Road
London, England, SW3 6HR
+44 20 7823 7858

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