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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by becks on May 7, 2003

The restaurant on the roof of the Hotel Majestic came highly recommended as it offers a superb view over the Zócalo, the enormous square in the center of Mexico City. Feeling peckish, we crossed the Zócalo from the Cathedral and tried to find the entrance to the hotel among the clutter of small jewelry shops that occupy the street level of the building. Here, a few outdoor tables and chairs level form the rather unappealing Majestic Café, but this is not where you want to be -- head for the lobby entered from the side street and ask for the restaurant. The hotel dates from 1937 and the elevator may well be the original -- it is driver-operated, but surprisingly quiet, and will swoosh you up to the seventh floor fast.

The restaurant has both an indoor area as well as a large veranda. The indoor area is slightly more elegant, but all tourists head straight for the veranda, which is covered by canopies according to the weather. The view is superb -- you are almost at eye-level with the massive Mexican flag and the view of the cathedral and the Palacio National is inhibited. Some street noise also drifts up, but it''s not intrusive, apart from the police officer using a megaphone to move cars along.

The menu offers typical Mexican dishes -- not Tex-Mex -- as well as more standard international fare such as pastas and various meat dishes. Most of the main courses, especially the more international ones, looked a bit expensive and priced for the foreign tourist market. We were planning on having Mexican food anyway and the Executive Lunch Set at NM$85 looked like fair value. I had the soup of the day (cream of cilantro, which fortunately didn’t taste too strongly of the main ingredient) and slices of beef with onion, while my wife had a green salad and chicken with mole. The dessert was a rather cheap-tasting ice cream, although the coffee was surprisingly good and strong.

Service was prompt, friendly and fairly efficient as I came to expect in Mexico City restaurants. (Decent restaurants here don’t tend to employ part-time staff.) Most of the other patrons were Europeans, which was not surprising given the location and the early hour -- at 1pm, most self-respecting Mexicans are still two hours away from lunch.

The food was fair to good, but not so good that I’m planning to eat here again. I’d be happy to return for the view and would strongly recommend that, but on such occasion, I would stick to drinks only and eat elsewhere.

(The Majestic Hotel is currently part of the Best Western group. A friend who stayed here a few years ago said it was OK, the view of the Zócalo set the mood, but the street noise, especially early in the morning, drove him away forever.)

Hotel Majestic Restaurant Terazza Av Madero # 73 Col Centro Tel: 5521 86 00

Av Madero # 73, Col Centro
Mexico City, Mexico
5521 86 00

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