The Tower Restaurant

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by smileygirl on June 17, 2003

If you want to get a glimpse of San Antonio from atop, dining at The Tower Restaurant is the most optimum choice.

It is highly recommended for you to make a reservation for the bottom deck, should you want to be by the window while dining. Or-if you prefer, you could go to their bar upstairs while you wait. One Word Of Warning: Be prepared for their exorbitant prices. We bought some drinks to pacify us till our table was ready. Mind you, we only ordered soft drinks. Each of those glasses were $4 each. I was astounded by their prices, to say the least. Our experience at the bar made me very wary about the upcoming food menu prices. I was not looking forward to it.

Once we arrived our our table, we've noticed to our displeasure we were not seated at the bottom deck, as per requested. Come to find out, this section was reserved for an upcoming party. Needless to say, despite our disappointment, we still had a pleasing overall view of San Antonio. Tis the reason why it would be to your advantage to make a reservation.

Menu has arrived and as I had feared, the food choices were pricey. We tried to keep things simple by ordering a cheeseburger instead of their fabulously high menu choices. Believe it or not, we still walked out with a $60 bill. This was highly unexpected and kind of expensive to capture San Antonio's beauty in the sky. Nevertheless, the food was something to be desired -- again and again.

This awe-inspiring landmark was completed for the 1968 World Fair. Today, it still stands proudly as one of the tallest free-standing architecture in the Western hemisphere, measuring 750 feet to the top of the antenna.

Grappling this massive structure is over 2400 tons of reinforced concrete which is placed below ground level for support. The tophouse, with its 19,000 square feet of floor space, was assembled on the ground. As the building was raised, the tophouse was elevated to the top.

The restaurant revolves at the rate of one revolution per hour, allowing guests to feast their eyes on the city of San Antonio. A phenomenal experience that deserves to be appreciated.

In closing, we would like to say our acquaintance with The Tower Restaurant was truly a unique experience. However, next time (which there will be), we'll be highly knowledgeable and prepared for their expensive prices. Hope your visit with them is a pleasant experience!

The Tower Restaurant
600 HemisFair Park
San Antonio, Texas, 78201

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