Carlos N' Charlies

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by oogabooga on May 4, 2003

This is the only franchise of the large Mexican Carlos n' Charlies restaurant group in the USA. This chain also includes such vacation hotspots as Se├▒or Frogs and Carlos O'Briens.

The excellent location just off of highway 620 on Lake Travis adds to the atmosphere of this restaurant and bar. Overlooking the lake and a marina full of boats, this place kinda makes you feel like you're on vacation, even though you're still in town.

There's live music on most nights in the bar area. There's a good seperation between the bar and the restaurant, so it's possible to have dinner without being disturbed by the music next door.

There is a happy hour that runs all afternoon from 2 until 7pm.

The main negative aspect to this place is that it is sufficianly remote enough that the only way to get here is by car. Since the drinks are rather strong, it's a good idea to choose a driver before making the trek out here.

The food's alright. Overall, it's pretty generic Mexican food -- and a little bit on the greasy side. The drinks are excellent -- strong and well mixed. The service was decent . . . we came here for lunch and we were trying to guess which drugs our waiter was on.

Overall, it's a good place to drink, but not so good a place to eat . . . but well worth checking out, if only for the general vibe of the place and the neat location.

Carlos ' N Charlie's
5973 Hiline Road
Austin, Texas, 78734
(512) 266-1685

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