Durgin-Park in Boston

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Mary Dickinson on April 22, 2003

It's in Dock Square and it's not a park, and there's no dock either. Tradition! At one time there was a dock here but the waterfront has been filled in. However, Durgin and Park were partners who started a restaurant in a warehouse near Fanueil Hall about 130 years ago. They want it to look like it did back then and it does. Once you've been seated at one of the long tables upstairs, you'll be okay with all that.

The food is fresh, very fresh. You'll forget the old tin ceilings. Honest! Perfect cuts of prime rib just the way you like it. Excellent clam chowder and I'm fussy. A bowl full is an oversized meal. Fresh lobster daily. Steamers piled high on your plate. And you'll be okay with prices too.

340 Faneuil Hall
Boston, Massachusetts, 02109
+1 617 227 2038


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