The Badu House Dining Room

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by benlacrosse on April 17, 2003

The dining room is decorated with Victorian-era furniture and accessories to match the 1890s house. Guests can sit in front of the large fireplace while eating their meals. The bar is famous because it is made out of Llanite, a beautiful, hard stone that can only be found in Llano, Texas. Geologists come to Llano just to see it, but it looks sort of like granite to me. There are lots of stuffed wild animals and gorgeous woodwork.

There is live music some weekends (musicians often come up from Austin) and the outdoor patio is perfect for dancing.

The dining room serves prepares homemade meals like steaks, shrimp, and grilled fish. Dinner is served Tuesday through Friday from 5pm to 9pm and until 10pm on weekends. If you're staying at The Badu House, you get a great big breakfast here too. The kitchen is also open for lunch from 11am to 1:30pm. If you are coming with a large group, make reservations.

When I am in Llano and I want a nice atmosphere and good grilled fish or other seafood, I come here to eat. I would even recommend coming in and ordering a glass of wine, just to see the place -- it's that pretty.

The Badu House
601 Bessemer
Llano, Texas, 78643

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