Member Rating 4 out of 5 by smileygirl on May 15, 2003

America, open 24 hours, is a restaurant that takes you on a road trip around the country. The menu is complimented by wines and beers from coast to coast. America showcases a 90x20 ft. map of the Unites States, complete with mountains, rivers, and amber waves of grain.

Chef Arvy Dumbrys is the magician he does wonder with the menu choices. America's menu offers terrific pastas, outstanding meats and poultry - all served in large portions at reasonable prices.

Here is a restaurant where you can relax at your leisure. Although we were not particularly happy with the seating arrangement, the meal more than compensated the seating inconvenience.

We were seated in a long booth on one side with three (very) small tables on the other side. If you are a party of two, one was seated on the booth side and the other in the chair. We were this close to our neighbors. A little too close for comfort, I must say.

On a more positive note, there is a wide variety of menu choices. You should try their Philadelphia Cheese Steak. It was absolutely tasteful and delicious!! My husband had a BLT on wheat bread. It also looked appealing to the eyes.

Overall, our meal choices proved to be very satisfactory. The prices were affordable and the atmosphere was delightful. We would definitely come to this restaurant again.

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