Captain's Cove

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by QUI QUI on March 6, 2003

This a great place to eat. When you walk in you see a great big hand-made wooden ship that shows all varieties of fish that you can sample; it's very decorative and it adds that little bit extra to the look of the restaurant. We went at about 7:00pm and we didn't have to book a table, although it did get very busy around 8pm so maybe it would be better to book.

The tables were dressed with yellow and red table clothes to give that Mexican feel. You can sit at a table overlooking the lagoon if you wish, that adds the romantic touch if there is just the 2 of you.

The food that Captain's Cove has to offer is mainly seafood, but they do serve fajitas and other Mexican dishes too. The waiters are very friendly and make sure that your dining experience with is a memorable one.

Captain's Cove
Paseo KuKulcan Km 17
Cancun, Mexico
(998) 885-0016

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