Member Rating 4 out of 5 by noelle_1 on February 3, 2003

A small Italian restuarant that serves pastas, gourmet pizzas, risottos, and has an extensive wine list. The pasta was excellent and authentic. The wines were not cheap, but good, and they have a large selection by the glass if you can't put away a whole bottle. It is quite crowded at dinner time, so reservations would not be a bad idea.

They serve entrees in smaller portions or full-sized. I found the entree size to be quite filling. You get bread and oil with all meals. There were lots of families there when I ate. It is a LOUD environment just so you know if you are hoping for an intimate conversation. The servers were very kind, and are used to tourists. They also serve lunch. And, need I mention, it's air-conditioned!

Amalfi Pizzeria Restaurante
29 Frome Street
Adelaide, Australia, 5000
+61 (0)8 8223 1948

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