Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Foxboro Marmot on October 26, 2002

Gibby's is one of our old restaurant standbys in Montreal. It's in an old, 200 year old stable building on the edge of Old Port. Low ceilings and large dark wood beams give the dining room an old colonial atmosphere. There's an outdoor courtyard that's a pleasant place to sip a drink and wait for your table on a warm evening.

While there's a full menu, Gibby's is best known for its steak. The filet mignon was excellent. It was preceeded by a salad or gaspacho. A small cup of lemon sorbet followed to cleanse the palate before the main course, the filet along with baked potato and vegetable garnish. Unlike many steakhouses, the salad and potato were included in the price of the steak.

Service was excellent. Attire is casual early in the evening, but becomes more formal later in the evening.

For celebrity watchers, we sat next to three members of the Montreal Expos dining with friends following an afternoon game. In the back of the room, Manager Frank Robinson ate with his wife and another couple. A player from the Montreal Alouettes (Canadian Football League) was a few tables over.

Our trips to Montreal always include a stop at Gibby's!

298 Place D'youville
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2B6
+1 514 282 1837

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