Cabbages & Condoms

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jenn966 on October 22, 2002

The women I travelled with and I returned to Bangkok from Phuket the day before the guys did and decided to scout this place out for dinner the next night. It seemed OK, but not great. I was amazed at how different it looks at night.

The restaurant has a tree-lined courtyard, lit at night by softly glowing lamps. The trees form a canopy under which you walk along a wooden path into a building along the lines of a traditional Thai merchant house. On entering, you are given a choice between air conditioning or not. If you can stand it, you're probably better off staying out of the AC -- it will allow you to adapt to the heat better. There is a gift shop with a variety of items (not all of them condoms or even necessarily sex-related!) where we spent a fun 15 minutes on the way out. But first, to dinner.

There were six of us. We ordered about 10 dishes among us -- five appetizers and five main courses, along with rice and bottles of water. The total bill came to about $40 or so. Among our favorite dishes were chicken wrapped in banana leaves, spicy Chicken Panang (a curry with coconut milk and basil) and a whole fish baked with ginger and lemongrass. We ate it right down to the meat in the fish's cheeks!

We skipped dessert (to be honest, we pretty much skipped desserts the whole time -- they never seemed too appealing), but did have some delicious Thai coffee. Made with evaporated milk, Thai coffee is thick and sweet and almost a dessert in itself.

The servers were attentive without being intrusive. Glasses were kept filled with water, plates were brought and cleared at a pace that never made us feel rushed but also didn't leave us feeling like we'd been sitting forever -- except that it took about 10 minutes to get someone to take our order for drinks when we first sat down.

It was probably the second best meal I ate in Bangkok. If I can remember the name of what I thought was best, I'll post it. It's a cooking school/restaurant on the second floor above a grocery store directly across the street from the entrance to the Amari Boulevard -- awesome Tom Kah Gai (a spicy chicken and coconut milk soup)!

Cabbages and Condoms
6 Soi 12, Sukhumvit Road
Bangkok, Thailand, 10110
+66 02 229 4611

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