Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Shaps, CPA on December 4, 2002

For your seriously good value dining pleasure, venture to Jamrock for lunch or dinner. It's within easy walking distance from the three hotels on Knutsford. You can carry out or eat in the bar/restaurant portion. There are many TVs, which sometimes show American sports or other world sports (be on the lookout for cricket matches!).

You can spend US$5 for dinner and be very full by the end. I highly recommend the bammy strips as an appetizer. I still haven't quite figured out what they're made of (likely potato), but they're a delicious fried bite to eat. The fries at Jamrock are unique, yet very crispy and tasty as well. Another good appetizer, if they're available, is a beef or chicken patty. Act Jamaican and order the patty on coco bread. That alone will fill you up good! I usually order a "Nyamwich" for my entree. It's a jerk chicken, pork, beef, or fish sandwich served on Jamaican Coco bread with lettuce and tomato. Pretty large and quite good. Though, I must warn you that they seem to frequently run out of chicken and beef. I have no idea who or how, but it happens. I have had a burger and a tuna melt here. I didn't find them very appetizing. They also have other Jamaican/Caribbean entrees on the menu, but none that I particularly cared for (or didn't really want to spend a little more money for), including oxtail.

Note that the beer (Red Stripe) is actually cheaper than the soft drinks.

Definitely give this place a try despite the crazy vendors in front. No one will bother you once you get inside. The service is usually good. The food is so cheap you won't mind leaving a 25% tip.

Jamrock Sports Bar and Grill
69 Knutsford Blvd
Kingston, Jamaica
(876) 754-4032


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