Camille's Fine West Coast Dining

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Camille's offers a wide range of exotic food, all year around. Once a week, they serve an 3-course ethnic meal.

Seafood includes: local whole spot prawns, dungeness crab, wolf eel, Arctic char, rainbow trout, steelhead and wild chinook salmon when it's in season.

Wild game: Pheasant, quail, partridge and even ostrich and Saanich farms emu make regular appearances on the menu.

Red meat: The island is home to some of the world's finest venison, caribou and elk. In the winter there is delicious wild boar and bison on their menu.

From the west coastal rainforests there are wild chanterelles and succulent morels, plus the even more exotic pine and cauliflower mushrooms. Cowichan Valley salmonberries in May, Metchosin blackberries and tayberries in June and July, then salal, red gooseberry and wild currants through the fall.

In the spring Camille's features fresh fiddleheads, the delicious shoots of young ferns. Sweet, tender local asparagus, miniature new potatoes and baby beets follow next. Summer brings peaches-and-cream corn on the cob, sugar snap peas and fragrant lavender. In Autumn the island is full of exotic squashes and pumpkins. Late-picked crabapples and winter sorrel are harvested next, along with island kiwi fruit and many varieties of grapes.

A few of their delicious menu items, include: Emerald Soup sweet pea, spinach and parsley broth, honey ham, bell pepper and red potato hash, chive cream $7 CAN

Sweet Thai Honey Glazed Breast of Duck pickled daikon roll, sesame crisps, ponzu soaked baby bok choy, lily bulbs $20 CAN

In 1997, Camille's was voted Victoria Resturant of the year. And it is still, a favourite fine dining spot for Victorians.

Camille's Fine Westcoast Dining
45 Bastion Square
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 381-3433

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