Kublai Khan

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by milliebell on June 8, 2002

I ate here before Christmas. This restaurant is Mongolian, but it is very similar to Chinese. Go for the banquet. This offers an all-you-can-eat buffet for each course. The appetiser is at first misleading. There is a wide table range with a huge range of dishes. All of my favourite chinese dishes were there, plus because it was a help-yourself buffet, I was able to try many new ones. There was an extensive selection for vegetarians, and plenty of fish and meat-based dishes. Many people make the mistake of filling themselves up at this stage. But, there is more to come. For the main course, you go to another section. You choose whatever you want on a plate - vegetables, meat, fish, meat substitutes, and there is a range of sauces to choose from. It is then cooked for you and brought to your table. Finally, desert; again it is back to the buffet. There was a good selction of fresh fruits, like pineapple, and ice cream. The food is well priced and good value. Watch out for the drinks. Avoid the red house wine unless you really don't mind what you drink. The restaurant is on Newcastle Quayside, about 10 minutes walk from the nearest metro, Monument.
Kublai Khan
22 The Side
Newcastle, England
(0191) 221-2203


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