The Original Starbucks

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by MadMax on June 19, 2002

They are turning the world green one street corner at a time, viewed by some as a benevolent force for good, doing away with bad coffee and offering a smoother caffeine high for addicts, viewed by others as a Machiavellian organization behind American corporate imperialism, Starbucks is a force to be reckoned with.

You'll probably walk straight past the original Starbucks, since it's colours are predominantly brown rather than green. The fact is that this Starbucks is unlike any other in the world. The staff are, arguably the best in the world (as a Barista I can confirm that the Pike Place Market store is seen as Starbucks Mecca), not just at making coffee, but at speaking different languages and throwing cups between each other.

The Original Starbucks isn't really a coffee house, it's a theatre, a theatre where Starbucks can sell its corporate image - and a good number of coffee machines, as well.

After spending a day in Seattle you will have firm opinions on Starbucks, having seen about a million of them, and this small store opposite Pike Place Market is interesting for both lovers and haters of the world's biggest coffee chain.

Pike Place Market
Seattle, Washington

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