Oak Room

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Chuck73 on May 4, 2002

The best filet mignon I’ve ever had! The Oak Room is one of my favorite restaurants, but unfortunately I don’t go as often as I like, as the prices are a bit steep. But you definitely get what you pay for: the food is fabulous, the service is great, and the atmosphere is perfect. Be prepared to spend about $50/per person (or more, depending on how much wine you consume!) It’s located in the Copley Plaza Hotel in Copley Square. To get to the restaurant you have to walk through the Oak Bar – a dimly lit bar with lot’s of comfy chairs and small tables filled with well-dressed people sipping on martinis or glasses of wine. The restaurant itself is pretty small, so it’s best to have a reservation and show up on time. Unless you don’t mind sitting next to your date, you should also request seats across from each other when you make your reservation – as a few of their tables that line the wall only have bench seating. Personally, I’d rather face my date then sit next to them while I dine.

The menu has a nice selection of fish and meat – I always order the Châteaubriand – filet for 2, which is accompanied by a cooked, stuffed tomato, a serving of asparagus and your choice of potato ($80). And it wouldn’t be complete without the béarnaise sauce. Other menu items include: lamb, veal, chicken, shrimp, scallops, lobster and oysters – all cooked to perfection. The wine selection is quite long, and the waiters will gladly help you pick out something that would go well with your meal. In addition, there are some delicious appetizers to choose from (but save room for your main course), and if you’re still hungry, the desserts are amazing. The Oak Room

Oak Room
138 Saint James Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts, 02116
(617) 267-5300


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