The Pirate's House

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Coach Bear on June 16, 2003

Onour last trip to Savannah, my wife and I decided to eat out at The Pirate's House, a famous restaurant in the area. This was Anna'a first experience at The Pirate's House, so you can imagine her surprise when she saw the complex of buildings that comprises the restaurant and its historical group of buildings.

One of the first things that we noticed was the old building. It was erected in 1734 and is said to be the oldest house in the State of Georgia. Beside this building is another edifice, one that was erected in 1753. This is the true Pirates' House, which served as an inn for sailors visiting the city. These two buildings have been joined together to form what is the present restaurant,

One of the main rooms in the restaurant is the Captain's room, with its hand-hawn ceiling beams joined with wooden pegs. Hanging on the walls in the Captain's Room and The Treasure Room are frames containing pages from an early, very rare, edition of the book Treasure Island.

The dinner menu from which we ordered contained steak and seafood items,such as the Low Country jambalaya that I ordered and the Seared Swordfish that my wife ate. Of course, who can come to Savannah without ordering the oysters (as an appetizer). Most of the entrees run between $15 - $20 USD, with appetizers and deserts additional.

Some people might be a little bit unhappy with the length of time to receive the order (about 45 minutes), but everything is cooked to order and takes time to prepare. Overall, this is one of the great historic restaurants in this country.

Pirates' House Restaurant
20 E Broad St.
Savannah, Georgia, 31401
(912) 233-5757

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