Member Rating 4 out of 5 by housefrau on June 20, 2002

This is not your usual Saturday night restaurant in Boston. This is heaven on a plate. An artistic sojourn into the land of desserts. If you have ever browsed through Bon Appetit or the Cordon Bleu Dessert Book and seen the majestical creations with the candy plumes of spun sugar and the chocolate tower of dark and white chocolate then you have envisioned a dessert at Finales. Boston laughed and said they could never make a go of just desserts but little did they know how women crave such confections.

These imaginative delights are not inexpensive but where else could you find on one plate " molten chocolate cake, orange chocolate tartlet, hazelnut bavarian pyramid..."? That is just the beginning and the end of our waistlines ladies. This is a do not miss, put on the top of your list place that will have you coming back after the theatre, after a great dinner or better yet, skip the dinner and cozy up with a friend, a pot of tea and one of these beautiful, mouth watering delights.

One Columbus Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts, 02116
(617) 423 3184

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