Goldem Century Seafood restaurant.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by juyenn on April 20, 2002

The environment is superd, air-conditioned and classy. Getting into a queue to get a table is a bit irritating for us but I was told it is part and parcel of eating in this place.

O course, the food is fantastic. Simply irrestible. As both my husband and I are new to the city, we were recommended by the smiling waitress to try the salt and pepper crab and the Crab Congee which are the two signature dishes here. The verdict: Pure manna from heaven though the congee is a bit salty to my liking. We tried the beansprout too, and the bill came up to AUD 150.00 with white rice and Chinese jasmine tea. I was told BYO is allowed.

My husband loves the congee but I prefer the Pepper Crab.

Golden Century
393-399 Sussex Street
Sydney, Australia, 2000
+61 (0)2 9212 3901

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