Restauracia Greka (Greek Restaurant)

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Wildcat Dianne on July 31, 2002

Slovakia is not known for its cuisine and does not have many good ethnic restaurants. When I first went to this restaurant, I thought the food would be of poor quality because of the lack of the right ingredients. But I was willing to try it because I was sick of eating the same meat and potatoes Slovakian food at my boyfriend's parents' home in the village of Borovce. At the Restauracia Greka, I ordered the Greek Salad and Calamari (squid). The salad was in a small bowl and had lettuce, tomato, olives, and feta cheese. It was good, but I have had better in other Greek restaurants. The calamari was great. It was one of the best I ever had and was not like shoe leather. It came served with lettuce and tomato along with a garlic sauce and lemon. It was light and very tasty. For dessert, I had ice cream, which is like the Italian Gelato, soft and creamy. The atmosphere in the Restauracia Greka is intimate because it is a small restaurant with 5-6 tables. It was a pleasant dining experience and I recommend it to anyone who travels to Slovakia and needs a meat break.
Restauracia Greka
Sv. Mikulas Square
Trnava, Slovakia

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