Coop's Place

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by viajera67 on March 8, 2002

I read in Time Out New Orleans online that some think Coop's Place has the best Gumbo in town. That, plus the fact that it's more of a bar than a restaurant, attracted me to this place. Since I was on my own, I planned to eat at the Bar.

Unfortunately, it was raining quite hard that night and I walked to Coop's from the Hilton Riverside on the other side of Canal. It turned out to be a long walk, and by the time I got to Coop's, I was soaked. I took the only empty seat at the bar, which unfortunately happened to be next to a very drunk, very dirty man who kept leaning into me asking me for a cigarette. While the rest of the folk at the bar looked just fine, I decided to grab one of the tables in the front. As I got up from the bar, my drunk "friend" tapped me on the shoulder and said, "You can't leave."
"Excuse me?" I replied.
"You can't leave this place without eating!"
I told him not to worry, that I was just getting a table. Then he left me alone.

I was tempted to order the sampler dish (gumbo, jambalaya, etc.), but when I asked the waitress if it would be too much, she suggested that I get instead a cup of gumbo and a side of jambalaya. I did. The gumbo was delicious - a dark seafood stew with rice and okra. The jambalaya was just okay, which made me wish that I ordered a bowl of gumbo for my meal, instead of the cup. When it comes to gumbo at Coop's, there are three options: a cup for $3.95, a bowl for $5.95, and a bowl with extra seafood for $7.95. Next time I go, I'll go for the works - a bowl with extra seafood!

Coop's Place
1109 Decatur Street (French Quarter)
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70116
(504) 525-9053

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