Restaurant Gempenturm

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by zabelle on February 6, 2002

I wanted fondue while we were in Switzerland and our breakfast waitress Monica suggested this restaurant. She had worked there and said the fondue was the best, the old fashioned kind, none of the stuff they dress up for tourists. She even called and made the reservation for us. Just go up the hill past the hotel she said and at the end of the village of Gempen you will see signs. Look for the green tower. What she forgot to mention is the trip to Gempen was 5 or 6 miles straight up with hairpin curves every few feet. And yes above us we could see the green tower lit like a neon beacon. A white knuckle ride, to be sure.

This is no tourist trap. No tourist could find it! Even after you get to the end of the village you still have to follow the signs up a dirt road for maybe a 1/4 mile or so into the woods to the end of the earth. That's how it feels when you look out from your lofty perch to the valley below. And there in front of you is the green tower of light welcoming you. The view from here was spectacular even at night.

Sunday night is a quiet night and there was only one other table with people. They were expecting us and we were greeted warmly. They knew we wanted fondue so we didn't get menus. We just ordered white wine and bottled water (There was no way Al was going to drink anything but water and drive back down that hill) and enjoyed ourselves. The decor is rustic and Monica had told us that people often go up here just to have coffee and enjoy the view. There is a porch that looks like the perfect place to do just that.

It took a while but they brought out a large bowl of whole grain bread cubes and put some on each of our plates and them out came that fondue pot full of bubbling cheese. We were all game and took our forks, speared our bread and dipped. Oh yes, it was worth every minute of that nerve shattering drive. Not only was it delicous, it was lots of fun and they were so nice to us. They couldn't believe it when we called it quits before we had eatten every drop. But no, we needed some ice cream and sorbet to settle everything down. And this is where I found out that Christophe understood and spoke perfect English as I asked for a decaf cappucino and he called out of course we can make it.

Before we left we all posed with Christophe and his mother Mary and our other waitress for a picture. It will be a night to remember fondly among people who made our visit special. And the ride down the mountain was much easier than the ride up.

Restaurant Gempenturm
Gempenturmstrasse 15
Gempen, Switzerland
061 701 51 50

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