Ze Peixe Assado

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by gghani on January 20, 2002

We went off season, so it wasn't busy.

The grilled mixed fish platter lasts for as long as you can. Food is cooked as you eat so it is always fresh and hot and was accompanied by boiled potatoes and a great salad.

Can't quite remember the names of the fish, but there were salmon steaks, local sardines, snapper, something he called an anchovy, although my experience is that anchovies are not the big fish I was served.

Whatever it was, no sooner had we finished one fish, the waiter, who was watching, delivered more. They will only stop cooking when you say to stop. The fish was very fresh. It didn't move on its own, but it must have been close. They also do meats and I think a veggie option. The waiters were cheerful, helpful and kind. Hardly spoke any English, but this was not a problem.

Incidently, we went to a posher restaurant the next day, and the food was not nearly as good, and twice the price.

Ze Peixe Assado
Estrada de Sta Eulalia
Algarve, Portugal
(289) 542-777


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