Court of Two Sisters

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by jim on January 5, 2002

I usually don't waste my time writing about a bad dining experience. But this was so bad, I have to warn as many people as possible. Under no circumstances do you want to go the buffet breakfast/brunch at the Court of Two Sisters. First, it costs $25 per person. No big deal if the food is good, but it was on. Second, the food was inedible. Many of the selections in the buffet line were not fresh. The meat was very dry and tough. It looked like much of it came from a can. Even the desserts were bad...the pumpkin pie was still frozen when I bit into it. The funny thing was that had a sign proclaiming how wonderful their desserts were. Maybe back in the day, but no longer. Finally, the service wasn't particularly great and the atmosphere reminded me of a hospital cafeteria. If the live band had been better, I would have been less disparaging, but I think they were the rejects from other places in town. Sorry for being so negative, but this place deserved it. As I was walking out, a couple asked what I thought.

Many of the French Quarter restaurants are poor. The service is bad and the food is equally bad. The only people that go to these types of places are tourists so the restaurant knows the diners won't be back. So ask around or do some research before you go. Food is a highlight of your trip to New Orleans, but only if you avoid places like this.

To sum up, I said, "run while you still can".

Court of Two Sisters
613 Royal St
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130
+1 504 522 7261

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