Living Room

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by maitre2pitza on February 7, 2002

As you step in from the street a British woman in tight black pants and top greets you and takes your coat. The bartender to your right is similarily attired. Several men sit at the bar intently studying her ample cleavage. As the waitress/hostess nudges you with a menu you feel yourself coming out a trance and follow her into a dining room. As you walk to your table you realize that the "hungry" men are at the bar and the real people in the dining room. At each table is a Candelabra holding five long tapers. The subtle light of the Candles made the walls seem to sparkle and dance. For my appetizer (called an Entree in France) I had Saumon sauvage cuit a la nage, puis refroidi, emulsion d'huille d'olive au vert (salmon 13 euros). The main course menu was somewhat limited but I had Pave de turbot poele ( a nice white fish, turbot, 32 euros. Dessert was fantastic. I had Croustimoelleux au chocolat noir, parfum feve de Tonka, creme glacee a la pistache. (12 euros) This was a wonderful chocolate cake with a warm liquid center accompanied by a dip of pistaccio ice cream. The cake remined me of the desert at Le Bistro Nu in St. Martin. See my "Nude Beach in St. Martin" or "More Nude Beach in St. Martin" journals.
Living Room
Rue Park City
Les Trois Vallee, France

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