The Market--Pebble Beach

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by hwlrmnky on January 21, 2002

I am torn whether to label this a cafe or "fast food"; it was very fast, but it was very good food. We were about halfway through our exploration of 17-Mile Drive when hunger struck. We stopped at The Lodge at Pebble Beach, which is the major golf course and resort there. We ventured into the Lodge itself in search of directions to The Gallery Rotisserie and Sandwich Shop but my husband was distressed by the country club ambience and requested that we rethink. We wandered back to the Pebble Beach Market which was close to the bank where we had parked. The Market has a low-key resort town feel to it There is a gourmet deli case as well as a market selection of cheese, wine and staples. I was able to find chicken tamales and a very fine fruit salad. My husband opted for a snack of hazelnut cheesecake. They also have gourmet coffes. We ate at the tables outside the market. It was delightful, quick, relaxing, and didn't cost a whole lot--unexpected in Pebble Beach. I am glad we didn't go for a sit-down meal--it would have slowed us down quite a bit.
Pebble Beach Market
17 Mile Dr
Monterey, California, 93953
(831) 625-8528

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