Eat at Quark's!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by hwlrmnky on January 13, 2002

Whenever I go to Las Vegas, I make sure to stop in and have a meal at Quark's at the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. The food, American with a touch of Asian fusion, is consistently quite good, plentiful, and reasonably priced. Furthermore, Ferengi and Klingons abound, and the bartenders mix up very fine "foofy drinks" with Trek-inspired names. The waitstaff appears to be human, but members of other alien races walk about the dining area making conversation (in character) with patrons. If you are worried about being allowed to eat in peace, don't be--the aliens have a very good sense of when they their company has grown "enough." I once had a perfectly productive casual business lunch at Quark's; after a two-minute chat about the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, the natives left us to work and enjoy the food. Alternately, I have seen alien-staff spend up to 15 minutes at a time entertaining young, enthusiastic tourists. The first time I visited Quark's, in 1996, I went because I wanted the full "Star Trek experience." Since, I've returned even without at stop at the exhibits because I love to eat the food--especially the Talaxian Turkey Wrap and the crab cakes appetizer. While I would not guide someone who hates the Star Trek shows to Quark's, don't let the name fool you--you're still eating at a Hilton. Further, Quark's is a very kid-friendly environment that has a much better grown-up menu than most other kid-friendly destinations in Las Vegas.
Quark's Bar & Restaurant
3000 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 697-8725

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