one sixtyblue

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Laura on December 19, 2001

This is a pretentious little West Loop restaurant. Michael Jordan is a silent partner. The night I was there Wynton Marsalis walked in. It has painted cobalt blue bricks on the outside and modern maple wood decor on the inside. The menu is contemporary French. I went with a large party and someone else paid which was nice because it is one expensive place. We started with a cheese platter - some very stinky and piquant, others buttery and delicious. The roasted quail appetizer was served over mashed potatoes. The jumbo whitefish entree was not so jumbo, but was nice and flaky. The lamb was rare and flavorful, but a little tough. Warning, you may leave hungry unless you are at a business dinner with 6 courses! The wine list is very nice. Try the peach wine with dessert. Many diners have complained about the service, but the service for our large party was very good and the water glasses were kept filled with bottled water and the bread basket was full. However we had a fixed menu making the waiter's job pretty easy. Parking is readily available on the street in the area and it may be difficult to find a cab there as the neighborhood is still very much in transition and there is not much else going on around there.
One Sixty Blue
1400 West Randolph St.
Chicago, Illinois, 60607
(312) 850-0303

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