Casa Bonita

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by leilanrose on October 14, 2001

Casa Bonita is a great place to take visitors, especially those with children. The food is nothing to rave about, but there is enough "atmosphere" to take your mind off of the less-than-spectacular cusine.

As the name implies, this is a Mexican resturant, and if you're hungry, you can choose one of the all-you-can-eat menu selections. Casa Bonita has indoor cliff divers, strolling mariachi bands, and even Black Bart's cave.

Black Bart's cave is a great diversion for the kids after you've eaten dinner while watching the divers and Mexican dancers for some rather unusual dining entertainment. The cave has fairly low ceilings, which makes it perfect for the kids, and it quite dark just as a cave should be. When we took my nephews to visit, they couldn't get enough of the cave and I ended up chaperoning them through it about three times. So, it can definitely be fun for adults as well.

It is impossible to get bored as you walk through the immense restaurant. There are theme dining rooms such as the Palace Room (lavishly decorated for a king), the Mine Shaft (harkening back to the old mining days in Colorado with mining lanterns to dine by), and even the Vineyards Room (grape vineyards, of course).

It is almost impossible to see it all in one visit and not have your senses become overloaded. There is a puppet show, a gift shop, and even more that I have failed to mention here. Take the family and enjoy Casa Bonita!

Casa Bonita
6715 West Colfax Ave
Denver, Colorado, 80214
+1 303 232 5115

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