Bar Bozo

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by jurgen on September 22, 2001

Bar Bozo is probably the best know bar in Mopti; all travelguides write about it. The bar is located on the corner of the harbour and the river. From the bar you've got a good view over the harbour and the river. And for the ladies: the river near Bar Bozo is the bathing spot for the Mopti man.

Unfortunately when i visited the bar there was a shortage of everything. No fish, no meat, no beer... Only thing available was Fanta. So I ordered a Fanta and decided to have a meal at another place. But i was told by other visitors that (if available) the meals at Bar Bozo are very good.

Bar Le Bozo
Mopti Harbour
Mopti, Mali
(223) 430-246

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