Confiserie Sprungli (Zurich)

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by mfs on July 31, 2001

I know - it's technically not a restaurant, but you can make a meal out of their superb confections. Confiserie Sprungli at Paradplatz and Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich (among other locations) is a must for anyone even remotely interested in chocolate. This shrine to chocolate is purveyor of everything from chocolate bars and chocolate nut clusters (delicious!!!) to more exotic confections. They are famous for their exquisite Luxemburgeli - light, merengue-y cream-filled puffs that are best eaten fresh the day they are made. There is no good way to describe how good these little things are - I have never encountered anything like them in my world-wide quest for chocolate.

Sprungli is why the Swiss have a reputation for making great chocolate - don't miss it if you have a sweet tooth! (The website lists Zurich shop locations and hours of operation.)

Confiserie Spr√ľngli
Paradeplatz, Bahnhofstrasse 21
Zurich, Switzerland, 8022
+ 41 44 224 47 11

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