The Fusion Bar

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Stella on March 11, 2002

Hotel Gallery Art is one of Florence’s premier hotels located along the Arno river. Their artistic design and commitment to service is extended to The Fusion Bar restaurant and sushi bar, where many of Florence’s elite come to sample "exotic" foods like chirashi and meat tempura.

The sushi offered here is first-class: soft, tasty and thick. Presentation is just as important in the preparation of the food as are the ingredients used. Soup is presented in a glass cylinder bowl with fresh Gerbera daisies inside, oils and sauces are kept in test tubes on each table and all the shrimp and rice are arranged in creative and unique styles.

The main thing to know about dining here is that all dishes are a product of a fusion philosophy to cooking- combining Asian and Italian ingredients and cooking styles to create surprisingly delicious new tastes. Try the green tea tiramisu or the miso soup with cannelloni beans.

The Fusion Bar at Lugarno Suites Hotel
Vicolo Dell'oro 26r
Florence, Italy

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