Filletti di Baccala

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Shetraveler on June 30, 2001

Also known as "Dar Filettaro a Santa Barbara", this family run restaurant does only one thing here: deep fried cod. But this isn't your mother's fish sticks. The cod filets are fried until the coating is golden brown, crunchy and melt in your mouth light. You order them by the piece: depending on your appetite, 2-3 of the generous portions may be enough, since the batter really weighs you down. And it's okay to eat them with your fingers! Starters include cold white beans with onions or the seasonal puntarelle salad (a Roman favorite green that's in the chicory family, served only in winter) and the wine list is limited.

Filled with locals (very little English spoken here), the place is awash in familiarity as the guests greet the owner's daughter. The real show is watching your server order your after-dinner espresso from a neighboring cafe (they don't make that at the restaurant either!) by snapping his fingers.

In the warmer month's you may be dining in front of the tiny church in the cramped piazza. It opens early (6 pm) if you want a snack before your late dinner. Be aware, though it's dirt cheap, it's also the typical non-traceable "Cash Only".

Filletti Di Baccala
Largo Librai 88
Rome, Italy
(06) 686-4018

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