La Cave de l'Os a Moelle

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by food&fun on June 23, 2001

When the chef/owner of L'Os a Moelle (L'Os a Moelle) found success, he decided to open up a wine bar across the street. What an unusual eatery! When was the last time you had to bus your own dishes at a restaurant? Yet everyone joins in the fun, and it is like dinner at your French aunt's home, if you happened to have a French aunt. It is table d'hotel style, which means everyone sits together at three large tables. There are several terrines of pate on the tables, along with a bowl or two of other appetizers. You help yourself, even grabbing some from another table if it's different from your table's offerings. The night we ate there, we helped ourselves to several country-style pates and a big bowl of tiny shrimp in their shells and big sea snails (actually very good). Fortunately, we shared a table with three very nice people who had eaten there before (a chef from Colorado, his fiancee and her aunt from Paris) who explained the service style. If you want bread, you go to the sideboard and cut a few slices from the many loaves and baguettes displayed on a cutting board. If you want wine, you go to the front of the restaurant, which is a wine shop, and buy a bottle. After the appetizers, you leave your dirty plate on one shelf of a dish cupboard and take a clean bowl from another. Then proceed to the old-fashioned stove at the back of the restaurant and help yourself to soup. We had a delicious Brittany-style fish soup, flavored with saffron. After dish-clearing again, we helped ourselves to a big pot of stewed duck legs with vegetables and potatoes. Following that, we were able to select from about 10 different cheeses and perhaps eight different home-style desserts (like poached pears, custard, spice cake and a creamy rice pudding) displayed on a sideboard. The food was not fancy, but this was a truly unique experience, and one we will probably repeat on our next trip. The staff speaks a little English. (130 FF each, wines for 90 FF and up.)
La Cave de l'Os a Moelle
181 rue de Lourmel
Paris, France
01 45 57 28 28

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