The Creamery

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by sasha1 on July 22, 2001

Heading North from Dillard toward Franklin, North Carolina you will see a little road-side dairy about 1/2 mile north of the stop light...don't worry- there's only one stop light. STOP-especially if it's a hot day. Located on the edge of the Tennesettee River is the chance to have a great ice cream cone and wander down to the river to sit at the picnic benches. Although there are other dairy products (all fresh you can see the milking machines) just grabbing a hand-packed cone and spending a little while by the river reminds you that you are there to relax and have fun. My recommendation?- Black Cherry! Sometimes it's the little things that will make your trip memorable. You can get a McDonald's cone anytime but you will eat this one watching cows and checking your map for your next stop.
Outside of Dillard
Scaly Mountain, North Carolina

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